6 ​​Top Features Tenants are Looking for in a Rental

Taking the time to do a full update will ensure that your property is comfortable, safe, and exciting for tenants and will ensure you can charge more.
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Over one-third of American households currently rent their homes, and each has their own unique style and taste that will decide whether or not they'll fall in love with your rental location. From the importance of updating your home to having unique and gorgeous looks, to ensuring it's safe and a comfortable place to live: these are the top features every tenant wants in a rental!

1. Fantastic Tile Floors

Tile floors are a classic look that's dominated for the last fifty years. It allows for a huge selection of colors and finishes such as grey which is a very popular option with tenants. Thankfully, you can have tile flooring in your rental without having to pay its exorbitant price. Tile flooring is an awesome way to give your home a stunning look and ensure that your property's floors are built to last.

2. Modern and Unique Features

When tenants rent a home, they're looking for features that will set it apart from whatever other homes they're looking at. They want a space that will feel comfortable and have the amenities they would want in a home that they'd purchase. So update parts of your home to bring across this updated look, like a heated shower floor to make the chilly mornings easier or inner-window blinds to fight off dust and keep the blinds from getting broken or cracked.

3. A Wonderful Pool

Pools are the best part of summer, allowing you to get outside and cool off while keeping active. This is something that will brighten any yard, excite any possible tenant, and will enable you to boost the price of your property. Ensure you have the right items in place to protect the property like a good pool deck drain to stop it from flooding, and that you either have in the rental agreement that the tenant has to take care of the pool or that you charge their rent a little higher so that a service can come in and maintain it. 

4. Garage Floors They Can Trust

6 ​​Top Features Tenants are Looking for in a Rental

Garages are more than just where we park our cars. These spaces also store items we can't keep within our home and expensive equipment like lawnmowers. These spaces must stay as dry as possible: so to a tenant, a garage with epoxy painted concrete floors can be important. Not only will it keep the floor looking new and fresh for longer, but it will also keep the inside of that area dry to fight against any chance of mold.

5. Updated Bathrooms

Bathrooms can add a lot of value to a rental! Going into a rental property, they probably already assume plenty of people have been in this bathroom, but by updating it, you can allow the room to feel fresh and clean. This means deep cleaning the room, getting any stains out of the grout, applying a fresh coat of paint where you can, peeling off a popcorn ceiling, and updating fixtures like lights, faucets, and other items that can quickly age a room.

If you want to add luxury to make a space more desirable, you can add surprisingly inexpensive features like heated towel racks, a window that's been treated so that it can't be seen, and other fun items. These will allow the bathroom to feel like a spa, exciting possible tenants.

6. The Feeling of a Home

Feeling at home is the most important thing to future tenants. They want to look at a space and not feel like it's just a few walls they're stuck licking within until they move up. The more luxury and convenience you can offer them, the far more money you can charge for rent to even it out. Don't take shortcuts, do what will make the property worth it!

6 ​​Top Features Tenants are Looking for in a Rental

Your Property Decides Your Income

Although some property owners try to get by with doing the bare minimum and updating as little as possible, taking the time to do a full update will ensure that your property is comfortable, safe, and exciting for tenants and will ensure you can charge more. People don't mind paying more if they feel like it's worth it: so it's important to make it feel like it is.

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