About Us

Chilean architect Matias Daroch founded MIK Architecture to help residential developers and future homeowners, who want a modern-style project, maximize their Return on Investment, get the results they expect, on time, on budget, and with the passion their project deserves.
Efficiently thought residential units designed for a better living environment
Projects successfully delivered in south florida
thousand square feet of residential real estate projects developed

Our Values

what motivates us

Our name MIK Architecture comes from the core values we use to guide ourselves on each project: Modern, Integrative, and Keen on Architecture. Our values guide us to do everything we do and how we do them as a team.


We help future modern-style developers by designing with innovation, creativity, and construction in mind. We look to work with innovative tools that help you make decisions and achieve the best possible outcome of your project.


Coordination between systems, professionals, and stakeholders of a project is key to accomplish the project's goals. We not only give our best, we help the team - including you - offer their best as well thanks in part to our unique system.

Keen On

We work every project as if it was our own with the passion and commitment it should have. From the conception to the final sale, we take steps as dedicated and as detailed as we can for your project to succeed.

It's all in the details

We take great care in the details because we know it's the small things that make a project great, or it can break them. We understand that little things matter as the sum of them makes the whole. Our attention to detail expresses our respect and care, not only for your projects but for the people they affect.

Build better as a team

We know we are stronger as a team, and we also know that a project needs a great team to succeed. And for that to happen, we understand that coordination between the team is key. To keep the team together, we respect each other, our consultants, and our contributores. We co-create, co-think for solutions, and cooperate on elements beyond our specialty to create better, together. We coordinate the project's systems looking for other's errors and problems and propose solutions that help the project move forward.

Encourage and explore new ideas

We think out of the box ideas, defending them passionately with facts and reason, while we also hear and open ourselves to other's perspectives. And we're ready to change our minds for a better idea. We're open to understand and explore new ideas, nourishing, and supporting them to encourage even more ideas that may contribute to the greater good.

Not a Developer?

We can still help you achieve the best Return on your Investment for your future home. Download a free copy of our Project Planning Pack, or give us a call! We'll be happy to help and advise you on your journey!