Feasibility Study

For Residential Projects

It’s not uncommon for Residential Developers to get a lot as soon as possible and jump into the schematic design with what they think are the options they have. Later, they find out that the permit is delayed halfway or missing a step entirely. Some even begin without fully understanding what is feasible.

For that reason, we’ve developed a preliminary analysis of the project and site. I like to call this the Feasibility Study. You could also think of it as a project diagnosis. Similar to a doctor that wouldn’t operate on a person without a thorough diagnosis, it’s too risky for you – the developer – to ask an architect to begin the design without doing the same!

Your project Starts here

The Feasibility Study's main objective is to minimize your risk with smart pre-planning. To accomplish this objective, we have to do some research to fully understand the requirements, constraints, and potential roadblocks for your project. The Feasibility Study will:

  • Minimize your risk and protect your capital by laying the proper working parameters upfront
  • Save you money in the long run by reducing design changes later on, including time and cost overruns during construction.
  • Allow you to explore options to accomplish your goals and check the feasibility of them before wasting money on something unfeasible.
  • Help us determine if our working relationship is a fit for both parties before committing to the full long-run design services.

What we deliver

We always start with a careful study to define the project clearly. This study entails discussing your goals and ideas for the project, a site walkthrough, and doing some preliminary research with the City, all of which should determine any potential roadblocks. Then we’ll compile everything into a report with the needs and options of the project and preliminary suggestions on how to proceed. The outcome of the report will include:

  • Your objectives and goals for the project. We will discuss your vision for the project, what are your preliminary objectives, and any investment numbers that you have prepared to see if you missed anything.
  • Existing site conditions review. Site restrictions, the position of adjoining structures, services and trees, and our opinion on their implications for the design and cost of your project.
  • Zoning & Building Code Review. Zoning code, height, area, setbacks, density, parking, and landscaping restrictions or requirements specific for your project.
  • Project & site potential options and solutions. Based on all the above, we will provide potential options and solutions for your project
  • Permitting requirements. A list of the permitting requirements for your project, including any requirements of Warrants or Waivers.
  • Preliminary footprint & volumetric options. Initial 3D volumetric options of the project on your site.

The valuable insights that you will gain from this Feasibility Study can be sent to an architect to get an accurate proposal. In essence, it's yours to keep and use!

MIK Architecture founder Matias Daroch offers free guideline session

About the Architect

Matias is the founder of MIK Architecture and helps residential developers who want a modern style project, get the results they expect on time, on budget and with the passion their projects deserves.