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Our Motivation

your desire to succeed

We want to design desirable spaces for you that are: flexible, useful, and future-proof—so that you can reach a broader market, boost desirability and ensure ease of sale.

We want your end-users to imagine, transform, and enjoy the spaces we create.

Our Story

How many architects really understand their clients?

We don’t know the exact answer to the question above, but what we do know is: Matias Daroch, MIK Architecture founder, has been in his client's shoes and therefore takes the time to really understand every clients individual needs.

As a Chilean architect, he landed in Miami to lead his family's real state investments. Realizing very soon that he would be better served if he became a registered architect himself.

Fast-forward a few years; Matias became a registered architect and founded MIK Architecture on January 2020, to serve not only his family's business, but also a handful of starting real estate developers and investors.

Today, we work with developers and investors who want to design modern or contemporary-style residential architecture in South Florida. Together, we create desirable spaces that sell well and fast by understanding the market and the end-user's wants and needs.

Why the name 
MIK Architecture?

MIK Architecture stands for Modern, Integrative, and Keen on Architecture, part of the values on which we base our beliefs and work on, including a few others.

Our Values

Modernist Curiosity: We look to stay up to date to future-proof our endeavors by continuously researching and seeking new knowledge.
Empathetic Integration: We are mindful of others' views and options, working as an integrated team.
Keen On: We take on projects and challenges with passion and dedication.
Energizing Integrity: We inspire others by holding firm on our beliefs with honesty and communication.
Thoughtful Flexibility: We think and plan with flexibility in mind for our projects and economic freedom.

meet the Team

Matias Daroch

Principal & Founder

Edward Luckmann

Project Manager

Victor Rivas

Project Manager

Alexandra Amador

Assistant Project Manager


Chief Motivational Officer

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