147 Multifamily

Project Size: 20500 sf
Project Type: Single Family Spec House
Services: Architecture
Stage: Concept
AGD Developers

This site is uniquely long and narrow for a typical City of Miami lot. The conception of the project was to build a Workforce Housing Multifamily apartment building with basic amenities and the lowest common area spaces to maintain. The three-story building was allowed to have only stairways, which gave room for better units and less common area costs in the long run.

Due to the site's unique long and narrow dimensions for a typical City of Miami lot, the biggest challenge for this lot was to fit the most parking spots possible on the ground floor to serve the most possible units. As a Workforce Housing apartment building, the second challenge was to design quality units at a low cost, with basic amenities and less common area spaces to maintain, lowering costs in the long run.

As with every project, coordination between the systems was something to look out, but moreover for this multifamily project as the structural systems were different than the commonly used in the local area. This is why BIM was a savior as it allowed us to coordinate mechanical, structural, and plumbing fixtures and avoid any clashes.

A mix-type structure was used allowing the building to save time during the construction and money. The units allow flexibility of use for its occupants and the smaller common space areas enable the developer to lower maintenance cost, which in turn delivers greater value for both users and owners.


  • Workforce Housing Multifamily apartment building with basic amenities.
  • Common areas with minimum maintenance.
  • Quality units at low cost.
  • Mix-type structure was used.
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