300 Woodcrest

Location: Key Biscayne, FL
Project Size: 4600 sf
Lot Size: 0.17 ac
Project Type: Single Family Homeowner
Services: Architecture
Stage: in Construction

300 Woodcrest is a strategically elevated home for a new family looking to live in an established, family-friendly, but flood-prone neighborhood in South Florida.

Located in a flood zone, the first challenge was to elevate the first level 4 ft from the street elevation, Not enough to have a full ground level, but still high to be challenging.

Within the tight lot, we also had additional outdoor activities requirements, such as a pool and outdoor kitchen with dining space.

Therefore we design the house around a central staircase with half-height levels accessible from each of the stair's landing. 

This allowed that one side - the half-level side - to elevate the ceiling from four to eight feet, sufficient space for a carport and the outdoor kitchen.


  • The use of half heights allowed the project to maximize the lot area and include space for outdoor activities that otherwise wouldn't be allowed.
  • A modern, contemporary-look facade with a central breezeway to connect the different levels with plenty of balconies and planter spaces.
  • The family was happy they could get most if not all their requirements to live in their dream neighborhood without sacrificing outdoor area or having to wait for a larger lot to accommodate their wants. 
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