3551 Crystal

Location: Coconut Grove, FL
Project Size: 6250 sf
Lot Size: 0.14 ac
Project Type: Single Family Spec House
Services: Architecture | Interior Design
Stage: Design Development
AGD Developers

3551 Crystal is an elevated house for a sophisticated family who loves to show their outstanding cars and host events outdoors without worrying about the infamous Florida rainpours and sun.

As the property is within a flood zone, its primary restriction was elevating the first habitable level over five feet from the established grade, which is insufficient to create a habitable area below and too high to fill. On top of that, the reasonably tight lot, plus the height of the new elevation, could make the project look out of proportion with the surrounding buildings.

Our first step was to elevate the house a few more feet to accommodate a Carport below the structure and a feature-rich outdoor space with a Summer Kitchen, a partially covered pool, and outdoor dining and sitting areas.

Furthermore, considering some zoning benefits, we extended part of the structure to cover the carport. Still, we designed the ground level as an open layout to the main street, creating a floating-like effect on the first and second habitable floors.

With this project, the users will enjoy the ground-level amenities and, as a bonus, create their own space on the rooftop to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine in a hot tub while watching the sunset. 


  • Remarkable outdoor spaces combined with a contemporary design
  • Usable ground level instead of an unusable crawl space, plus a habitable rooftop for events
  • Higher than usual adjusted area and above average spaces for additional amenities that future owners would like to add, making it more desirable.
  • Use of natural restrictions added features instead of ‘loss cost’. 
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