445 Solano Prado

Location: Miami, FL
Size: 9000 sf

This residential nine thousand square foot single-family house with a 120 ft waterfront backyard has a modern-style architectural design with a rotated top volume that gives a particular style to the ever renovating Gables Estates neighborhood.

Modern House Challenges

The rare second-level rotated volume makes it both unique and the most significant challenge of the project. Angle finishes and spaces are always a double-edged sword. In addition, each piece of the Stone Facade was dimensioned specifically for the part of the facade that would be later installed. This meant that any error in the dimensioning could potentially be a huge problem and wasted time of ordering a new piece.

Unique results

The 3D model with BIM was essential for the Stone Facade installation, not only during the design, but during the construction as well. The model was constantly updated to match any variance of the construction.

In the end, together with being the most modern-looking residence in the neighborhood, the project also broke the record of the sale amount, in that community. Check out the listing video!

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