6511 Triplex

Location: Miami, FL
Size: 2800 sf

Located in the center of Liberty City, this modern-style, this triplex (three-unit) multifamily building for Workforce Housing, has two stories with half a unit on the ground floor and the rest on the second floor.

Triplex Challenges

Being in a narrow and short lot, the design had to maximize the density allowed by code and by parking requirements by designing most of the building's units in the second level without compromising into a small one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, like commonly seen in other projects. To do so, most of the structure would have to "float" on top of the parking spaces. Similar to our other Multifamily Project: 147 Multifamily.

Unique results

For the size of the parcel, a small building with enough parking spaces was achieved to maximize the density and return on investment. Together with the consultants, the construction was finely tuned and coordinated to lower the construction cost as much as possible without compromising the modern-design look.

Croydon Loft LLC
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