Transformation at West Bay Harbor Dr

Location: Bay Harbor Islands, FL
Project Size: 1740 sf
Project Type: Renovation or Addition
Services: Architecture
Stage: Completed

This condo unit is a dream come true project for a single hardworking client who enjoys natural light and contemporary spaces to live and work without breaking the bank - too much.

Our client bought the condo unit at its worst state with ill-maintained walls, dark hallways, and low ceilings and had a clear vision of what he wanted when he approached us.

The main challenge was to keep a high ceiling while incorporating an efficient mechanical system in specific areas allowing us to maximize the heights and making it feel more contemporary and open. 

Additionally, we re-did the layout of some rooms and bathrooms, keeping the restrictive plumbing fixtures in place but generating shorter, well-lit hallways, high ceiling rooms and a flex room for a home office, storage or pantry.


  • Highest possible ceiling (up to the structure) more than 80% of the living, dining, and bedroom room areas, giving an open and contemporary feeling.
  • Contemporary, well-lit rooms and areas with a layout thought for his personal use but flexible enough to make it marketable in case he wants to sell in the future.
  • The client got an offer to buy that would have yielded an 18% profit in one year.
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