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Project Delivery are methods in the AEC industry (Architect, Engineering, and Construction) to deliver a project in the different phases of it. The most traditional being Design-Bid-Build. Others are Design-Build and Integrated Project Delivery

Defining Your Architectural Design Budget: A Comprehensive Guide
Embarking on a real estate development project is akin to setting sail on an investment journey of creativity, precision, and collaboration. The success of such a venture hinges on a quality design scope and process, as this lays the foundation for larger returns. Take, for instance, a 7500 sq ft project situated on the water […]
Architecture and Technology, an unstoppable dúo
MIK Architecture uses innovative tools like BIM, drones, VR, AI, and 360-degree capture to enhance design and construction processes, leading to better decision-making and communication with clients.
Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build: Which is Best?
Understand the deference between Design-Build vs Design-Bid-Build project delivery method, and which one is best for your residential development project.