At MIK Architecture, we are currently offering a limited number of Guideline Sessions in the Miami area to current or new developers with plans to build or invest in modern-style residential projects during the next 12 months. 

On this 45-minute phone call or meeting at our office, you’ll speak directly with Matias, about your project and, at the end of call you’ll;

What if you are not a Developer? It doesn’t matter! We believe any Residential Project has the potential to be treated and design similarly to a project commissioned by a Developer. This has a lot of benefits. If you book a call with us, we will happily explain those benefits!

MIK Architecture founder Matias Daroch offers free guideline session

About the Architect

Matias is the founder of MIK Architecture and helps residential developers who want a modern style project, get the results they expect on time, on budget and with the passion their projects deserves.

About your Project