We are currently offering a limited number of Guideline Sessions to current or new developers and some potential homeowners, with plans to build or invest in modern-style residential projects during the next 12 months. 

On this 45-minute phone call or meeting at our office, you’ll speak directly with Matias, about your project and, at the end of call you'll;

  • Receive feedback on your project idea and any potential obstacles to look for.
  • Understand the approximate budget you should plan to invest in your project.​
  • Have a clear roadmap and key steps on how to proceed with your venture to achieve the expected Return on Investment

What if you are not a Developer? It doesn't matter! We believe any Residential Project has the potential to be treated and design similarly to a project commissioned by a Developer. This has a lot of benefits. If you book a call with us, we will happily explain those benefits!