Download our Hiring an Architect for Residential Developers guide

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Architects are often viewed as a necessary means to get a construction permit when looking to develop a project. However, hiring an architect from the very beginning will add the highest value to your investment and ensure a successful project.

Why? Because a good architect does not only draw plans, they look at the project as a whole.

The right architect for your project will design with the development and your return on investment in mind. They will look for solutions to protect your assets, save you money, and have a great design, without sacrificing the other two.

Hiring an Architect guide

Inside, you'll find:

  • Steps and tips that will help you find the right Architect for your project
  • Our list of architectural services that you should use to compare estimates between architects.
  • Guide to understand how Architect's compensation usually work.
  • Brief explanation of why 3D modeling and BIM (Building Information Modeling) is important for your project.