111 Terrace

Location: Pinecrest, FL
Project Size: 8000 sf
Project Type: Single Family Spec House
Services: Architecture
Stage: Concept

On a beautiful parcel in Pinecrest, this modern-style, single-family residence and designed to maximize the view to the backyard's private forest in two stories, six bedrooms, and seven and a half bathrooms, including a guest or studio area, BBQ, Pool, a cabana and a Maid's bedroom.

The lot's trees covered most of the project's area to build, adding to the challenge, the need for a septic tank, which with the program requested signified a significant clear area of Drain Field without changing to the most expensive septic systems.

A unique modern-looking house for the neighborhood, which looks proportionate to the wide lot without actually being a vast mansion. The L shape has an angle to open the house up to the backyard. Using both sides of the lot for car entrances allowed the project to have the Septic Tank system in between without disturbing the construction or the backyard trees. Using BIM for the schematic design allowed the team to save time and the builder to understand the project in a better way, allowing great communication between the parties.


  • A unique modern-looking house for the neighborhood.
  • The design maximize the view to the backyard's private forest.
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