Byron Ave

Location: Miami Beach, FL
Project Size: 4500 sf
Lot Size: 0.17 ac
Project Type: Multifamily
Services: Architecture
Stage: Permitting

Byron Ave is a historically designated multifamily renovation project for a young family looking to enjoy the outdoor-friendly climates while earning passive income at the same time.

The main challenge of this project was respecting the historic designation of the existing five-unit multifamily structure while modernizing and reconfiguring the units to accommodate an Owner's unit and two or three rental units.

As a historic project, the first step was to determine the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and use these points to design and match the owner's desires and requirements.

The end result was a stunning new three-story unit at the rear looking towards the canal with unique design features such as a double rooftop and an infinity pool. Towards the front, we proposed a complete restoration of the historic structure, including a lovely two-story high corner window for the living room area and a modernized interior layout, including an additional bathroom.


  • Increased property value with a modern interior layout and additional square footage.
  • Retained the value of the post-war modern aesthetics while including more contemporary elements in the new structure.
  • Appraised design during the historic board committee and unanimously approved.
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