Meadow's Contemporary House

Location: Port Charlotte
Project Size: 2400 sf
Lot Size: 0.17 ac
Project Type: Single Family Spec House
Services: Architecture | Peer Review
Stage: Design Development
AGD Developers

Meadow's Contemporary House is a single-family model house for a starting or retiring family who wants to escape prominent urban areas without sacrificing contemporary style. 

Located on a remote semi-developed area on the west coast of Florida, we designed this one-story home to keep the spaces comfortable without sacrificing natural light and open high-ceiling spaces and complying with HOA design restrictions for the exterior looks.

Additionally, we looked to design an adaptable model that could fit the different lot shapes of the neighborhood.


  • Comfortable and well-lit open spaces attract families looking to escape urban areas without sacrificing contemporary space traits.
  • Contemporary style home complying with HOA design restrictions.
  • An easily replicable model house with few or no modifications depending on the lot size and shape.
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