5921 At South Miami

Location: South Miami, FL
Project Size: 6472 sf
Project Type: Single Family Spec House
Services: Architecture
Stage: Permitting
AGD Developers LLC

5921 at South Miami is a mid-to-large home in a quiet street for an established family looking for a flexible house that can adapt to the new needs of their growing kids.

The main challenge was to future-proof this spec-home with potential add-ons in the future such as an elevator space, different bed configurations, and flexible bedrooms to be used as a home office, guest, or even a gym without significantly increasing today's costs.

On the other side, the physical challenges of the lot, the lack of a main sewer line combined with shallow underground water level (water table) complicated the installation of the septic system.

Our end result was a captivating two-winged house on two stories with a tropical modern style integrated with nature with an oversized Great Room with a higher-than-usual ceiling that opens to the whole backyard while also connecting the different home spaces.

For the septic system, we managed to slightly increase the backyard level but kept it at the same or lower than the finish floor of the main house, giving the septic system enough space to work without getting into conflict with the water table.


  • A desirable and flexible home that is adaptable to future needs or wants.
  • Contemporary style with warm wood touches with a predominant entrance that overall feels inviting to its inhabitants.
  • Financially cost-effective without blocking and sacrificing potential future improvements.
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