7400 at Pinecrest

Location: Pinecrest, FL
Project Size: 5250 sf
Lot Size: 0.41 ac
Project Type: Single Family Spec House
Services: Architecture
Stage: Concept
AGD Developers

7400 at Pinecrest is a modern house for a family that wants to be near the school and enjoy outdoor activities. The family will also save time by not commuting.

Located at a corner lot, with the long property line facing the school, the main challenge was to create visual and physical privacy without losing the backyard space and keeping a full-featured home on a tighter than usual square footage to stay within the market range.

Furthermore, during our Feasibility Study phase, we discovered that the project would require a sewer main extension. By tackling and analyzing the time and cost of this side project, the developer made an informed decision to move forward. At the same time, we started the sewer extension project during the early stages of design and was approved soon after the building permit approval - aka. perfect timing.

The design splits the house in two. On the corner side, we designed a high-ceiling common area wing with just one story, and on the interior side, the two-story structure. This change in scale created a stepped height from the school to the side property, allowing the second floor to step back and create a privacy space.

By having the height difference we also enhanced the formal dining and living room and gave a direct view from the foyer to the pool and backyard. Additionally, we reduced the circulation to the core of the house allowing the design team to create wider spaces for the bedrooms and the rest of the home's program.


  • Competitive home size, with more features than comparable homes making it more desirable for the target buyers.
  • Modern-looking high-end home with attention to landscape and a stepped façade providing privacy from the side street.
  • The developer had an informed decision of additional elements required to develop a new construction from the conception of the project.
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