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8000 at South Miami

We love this project design on a cozy corner lot in South Miami!


The project's biggest challenge, believe-it-or-not, was defining the front fa├žade with the city! Due to a 35 ft building line on one of its streets, it wasn't clear which would be considered the front of the property. In addition, We were also looking to keep a wonderful Live Oak while also adding a contemporary and tropical-style home in the area.

Unique Results

After some fantastic communication with City reviewers, we managed to put everything together to keep both the live oak and maximize the house area for the owner.

The project has wood-like accents on the front and side facade for a warmer touch with tall sun-covered glazing and openings to bring natural light without overheating the interior.

111 Terrace

On a beautiful parcel in Pinecrest, this modern-style, single-family residence and designed to maximize the view to the backyard's private forest in two stories, six bedrooms, and seven and a half bathrooms, including a guest or studio area, BBQ, Pool, a cabana and a Maid's bedroom.

Modern House Challenges

The lot's trees covered most of the project's area to build, adding to the challenge, the need for a septic tank, which with the program requested signified a significant clear area of Drain Field without changing to the most expensive septic systems.

Unique results 

A unique modern-looking house for the neighborhood, which looks proportionate to the wide lot without actually being a vast mansion. The L shape has an angle to open the house up to the backyard. Using both sides of the lot for car entrances allowed the project to have the Septic Tank system in between without disturbing the construction or the backyard trees. Using BIM for the schematic design allowed the team to save time and the builder to understand the project in a better way, allowing great communication between the parties.

Grove at Grand Bay Penthouse

This project consisted of the interior remodeling and finishes selection of one of the penthouse units of the North Tower at the renowned Grove at Grand Bay building in Miami, FL. The mission was to harmonize the selection of wall and floor finishes and remodel specific interior spaces.

Penthouse Challenges

The project had a limited timeframe to design and build the project, which has more than 6,000 SF to cover, not including the exterior private pool area on the top. The design and material selection had to consider import timing and careful construction scheduling to select the best finishes without delaying the work while waiting for the shipment and considering the community restrictions to work.

Unique results

Thanks to the Design-Build project delivery method, we managed to accomplish a beautiful penthouse with quality materials and on time. The coordination between contractor and architect was smooth and fast. Most importantly, the unit's market value also went up by at least thirty percent having more than a positive return on their investment.

147 Multifamily

This site is uniquely long and narrow for a typical City of Miami lot. The conception of the project was to build a Workforce Housing Multifamily apartment building with basic amenities and the lowest common area spaces to maintain. The three-story building was allowed to have only stairways, which gave room for better units and less common area costs in the long run.

Multifamily Challenges

Due to the site's unique long and narrow dimensions for a typical City of Miami lot, the biggest challenge for this lot was to fit the most parking spots possible on the ground floor to serve the most possible units. As a Workforce Housing apartment building, the second challenge was to design quality units at a low cost, with basic amenities and less common area spaces to maintain, lowering costs in the long run.

As with every project, coordination between the systems was something to look out, but moreover for this multifamily project as the structural systems were different than the commonly used in the local area. This is why BIM was a savior as it allowed us to coordinate mechanical, structural, and plumbing fixtures and avoid any clashes.

Unique Results

A mix-type structure was used allowing the building to save time during the construction and money. The units allow flexibility of use for its occupants and the smaller common space areas enable the developer to lower maintenance cost, which in turn delivers greater value for both users and owners.

6511 Triplex

Located in the center of Liberty City, this modern-style, this triplex (three-unit) multifamily building for Workforce Housing, has two stories with half a unit on the ground floor and the rest on the second floor.

Triplex Challenges

Being in a narrow and short lot, the design had to maximize the density allowed by code and by parking requirements by designing most of the building's units in the second level without compromising into a small one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, like commonly seen in other projects. To do so, most of the structure would have to "float" on top of the parking spaces. Similar to our other Multifamily Project: 147 Multifamily.

Unique results

For the size of the parcel, a small building with enough parking spaces was achieved to maximize the density and return on investment. Together with the consultants, the construction was finely tuned and coordinated to lower the construction cost as much as possible without compromising the modern-design look.

445 Solano Prado

This residential nine thousand square foot single-family house with a 120 ft waterfront backyard has a modern-style architectural design with a rotated top volume that gives a particular style to the ever renovating Gables Estates neighborhood.

Modern House Challenges

The rare second-level rotated volume makes it both unique and the most significant challenge of the project. Angle finishes and spaces are always a double-edged sword. In addition, each piece of the Stone Facade was dimensioned specifically for the part of the facade that would be later installed. This meant that any error in the dimensioning could potentially be a huge problem and wasted time of ordering a new piece.

Unique results

The 3D model with BIM was essential for the Stone Facade installation, not only during the design, but during the construction as well. The model was constantly updated to match any variance of the construction.

In the end, together with being the most modern-looking residence in the neighborhood, the project also broke the record of the sale amount, in that community. Check out the listing video!